Orbrick was conceptualized to solve a deep-seated problem of the consulting industry - to consistently deliver high quality advisory, implementation, support throughout to all customers everywhere. The hidden challenge of the industry is that as companies grow, quality withers as the best talent is spread thin and priorities constantly conflict, partners become unreliable. People leave, leaving knowledge gaps and unfulfilled expectations. We aim to solve for this by making quality consulting more accessible, making knowledge explicit, leveraging technology to preserve ROI and value, partnering with customers and vendors to improve quality of consultants and consulting, and by re-inventing and re-imaging the way the industry currently functions.

Our stakeholders are at the core of everything we do. We believe our 4 key stakeholders are our customers, our employees, the ERP partner ecosystem, and society. With all of them we thrive to:


To empower Bricksters to reach their fullest potential, support our customers in achieving their visions, and contribute to a positive impact on the planet through social initiatives and sustainable growth.

To democratize top-tier consulting, bringing expertise to every corner of the globe. Through tailored solutions and collaborative partnerships, we empower businesses to navigate digital evolution and unlock their full potential.

Enabling universal access to top-tier consulting, we envision digital transformations that are truly transformative for everyone, everywhere.

Stellar Work

Embark on a journey of excellence with our ‘PURPOSE’ implementation methodology and ‘SMILE’ support process, assuring you of stellar work that is on-time, within budget, and laser-focused.

Sound Advice

Collaborating closely with both partners and customers, we position ourselves as ‘your go-to expert.’ Our range of services includes Implementation & Support Consulting, Business Process Re-engineering, organizational change management (OCM), and efficient program management.

Solid Support

With our ‘SMILE’ methodology, we don’t just shield against business disruptions; we propel system evolution through ongoing use, offering resilient and steadfast support.


Nimesh Shah

Founder & CEO

Saurabh Kabra

Founder & Executive Director

Nirav Khatri

Founder & CFO

Rushabh Shah

VP – EUK Business & Programme

Anay Jain

VP – Finance & PPM, E&C

Niyam Chhaya

VP – Design Thinking & HCM

Ishan Shah

VP – Technology

Wasim Saiyed

VP – Supply Chain & Manufacturing