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Oracle ERP plays a pivotal role in providing organizations with a unified platform for managing their core finance processes. By integrating various aspects of accounting, and financial functions, it contributes to the efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making capabilities of an organization.  

How we can help the Customer 

Modern organizations focus on the following business areas to ensure efficiency in Finance Operations. 

Accurate Invoice Processing and Faster Payments: Payables Management is a critical area for an organization and it involves invoicing, advances, accruals and payments. It is not limited to just recording the transactions but also involves around bringing the efficiency in Invoice processing time, getting early payment discounts, Highest accuracy in booking, On time Payments and Small Days Payable Outstanding (DPO). 

Precision in Billing & Mastery in Revenue:  Effective Billing and Revenue management is key for powering stakeholder confidence. It Include Customer Management, Credit Checks, Invoice & Revenue Recognition, Handling Receipt, Customer Statements and dispute resolution. They key focus of this business area is to Reduce Day Sales Outstanding, No Overdue Receivables, highest ratio for timely payments, High Customer Satisfaction Ratio and Quick Dispute Resolution. 

Enhancing Cash Management: Effective Cash Management is critical for the financial health and sustainability of an organization. The major aim is to have High Accuracy in Cash Flow Forecast, Reduce Cash Operating Cycle Time and Real Time Cash Positioning. 

Mastering Asset and Lease Management: Asset management involves tracking, maintenance, and optimization of an organization’s assets throughout their lifecycle. Asset Management Involves Asset Inventory & Identification, Asset Classification & Categorization, Depreciation, Impairments revaluations, tracking, physical verification and disposal & Documentation. 

Precision and Accountability over Employee Spending: This business area involves Planning, Tracking and Controlling of expense incurred by Employees and Department. The process also involves Expense Policy Development, Expense Reporting & Approvals, Reimbursement Processing, Credit Card & Corporate Card Management and Audit & Compliance. They critical KPI pertains to this business area is to Reduce Reimbursements Cycle Time, Higher Compliance with Expense Policies and increasing Mobile App Adoption Rate. 

Strict Adherence on Tax Regulation: Managing tax obligations, optimizing tax efficiency, and ensuring compliance with tax laws are vital aspects of finance. This includes both domestic and international tax considerations. 

Thorough Budget & Efficient Cost Oversight: Budgeting and cost control are essential components of financial management that involve planning, monitoring, and managing an organization’s financial resources. Aligning Control using budget allow organizations to control the spending. The critical value addition provided by this business area is minimal budget variance and high budget compliance percentage. 

Expedited Finance Closing: Paramount for every organization, this pivotal business area emphasizes swift closure of books, leveraging functionalities such as exception reporting, rapid issue resolution, quick finalization, and real-time reporting. Prioritizing efficiency and accuracy to drive optimal financial management. 

Financial Recording & Real Time Insights: The major processes involved with in this business area is Recording Transactions, booking provisions, managing chart of accounts and Financial Reporting.  

On Time Project with Healthy Margins: The Project Management Department is a crucial component within organizations responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing projects from initiation to completion. The Key KPI around this business process is to adherence towards project schedule,  

Orbrick’s Finance & Projects Offerings 

Oracle Fusion Financial Cloud Service 

      • Accounts Payables 
      • Accounts Receivables & Collections 
      • Cash Management 
      • Assets & Lease Management 
      • General Ledger & Intercompany 
      • Tax Management 
      • Expense 
      • Revenue Management 
      • Accounting Hub  
      • Risk Management 
      • Joint Venture Management 

Oracle Fusion Project Cloud Service 

      • Project Finance 
      • Project Contract & Billing 
      • Project Management 
      • Task Management 
      • Resource Management 
      • Grant Management