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Enterprise Performance Management, is a suite of integrated applications designed to support enterprise-level performance management processes. These processes include activities such as budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, strategic planning, and profitability analysis. 

Oracle EPM aims to help organizations make more informed business decisions by providing tools for planning, modelling, and reporting on various aspects of their performance.

How can we help customers  

Strategic Planning and Forecasting: Oracle EPM Cloud provides a unified platform for strategic planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Harness the power of predictive analytics and scenario modeling to make data-driven decisions that align with your organizational goals. With real-time insights, you can adapt quickly to changing market dynamics. 

Key Features: 

    • Integrated Planning 
    • Predictive Analytics 
    • Scenario Modeling 
    • Real-Time Collaboration 

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close

Streamline Financial Processes: Efficiently manage your financial consolidation and close processes with Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close. Ensure accuracy and compliance while accelerating the financial close. This solution provides a centralized view of financial data, reducing risk and enhancing transparency. 

Key Features: 

    • Automated Close Processes 
    • Centralized Financial Data 
    • Compliance and Risk Management 
    • Real-Time Reporting 

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management 

Optimize Profitability: Oracle Profitability and Cost Management allows organizations to gain a deep understanding of product and customer profitability. Analyze cost structures, allocate resources effectively, and enhance decision-making by optimizing your organization’s profitability and performance. 

Key Features: 

    • Activity-Based Costing 
    • Profitability Analysis 
    • Resource Allocation 
    • Cost Optimization 

Oracle Account Reconciliation 

Ensure Accuracy and Compliance: Oracle Account Reconciliation streamlines the reconciliation process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements. Automate reconciliation tasks, enhance visibility into the reconciliation status, and reduce the risk of errors. 

Key Features: 

    • Automated Reconciliation 
    • Compliance Tracking 
    • Exception Handling 
    • Audit Trails 

Oracle Enterprise Data Management 

Master Your Data: Oracle Enterprise Data Management provides a centralized platform for managing and governing critical business data. Ensure data consistency across your organization, improve data quality, and enhance decision-making with a single source of truth. 

Key Features: 

    • Data Governance 
    • Data Quality Management 
    • Master Data Management 
    • Hierarchical Data Structures

Why Oracle EPM? 

Oracle EPM solutions offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to performance management, enabling organizations to drive agility, efficiency, and growth. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Oracle is your trusted partner in achieving strategic objectives. 

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