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Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

Unlock the Power of Data Insights: Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) provides real-time, self-service analytics for your business transactions. Leverage OTBI to gain actionable insights into your organization’s performance, enabling informed decision-making at every level. With robust reporting capabilities and intuitive dashboards, OTBI transforms raw data into strategic intelligence. 

Key Features: 

    • Real-time Analytics 
    • Self-Service Reporting 
    • Intuitive Dashboards 
    • Seamless Integration with Oracle Applications 

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP) 

Elevate Your Reporting Experience: Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP) is a powerful reporting solution that enables the creation, management, and delivery of highly formatted documents. Generate pixel-perfect reports, invoices, and statements with ease. BIP seamlessly integrates with various data sources, providing a unified platform for creating and distributing dynamic reports. 

Key Features: 

    • Pixel-Perfect Reporting 
    • Multi-Channel Delivery 
    • Extensive Data Source Integration 
    • Enhanced Document Management 

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) 

Connect, Automate, Innovate: Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) facilitates seamless integration between disparate applications, systems, and services. Streamline your business processes, automate workflows, and accelerate innovation with a comprehensive integration solution. OIC ensures connectivity across on-premises and cloud environments, fostering agility and adaptability. 

Key Features: 

    • Hybrid Integration 
    • Process Automation 
    • Pre-Built Integrations 
    • Visual Development Environment 

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) 

Build Engaging Applications: Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) empowers organizations to create feature-rich, responsive web and mobile applications without the need for extensive coding. Accelerate application development with visual development tools, reusable components, and seamless integration capabilities. VBCS is your key to rapid innovation. 

Key Features: 

    • Visual Development 
    • Responsive Applications 
    • Integration with Oracle Cloud Services 
    • Extensive Component Library